Sony PS4 Pro arrives in Australia


Chiu spoke to GamesBeat about his thoughts on the new console, and why he chose to pick one up at day one. Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news.

We would still pay extra for the newer console if we didn’t already own a PS4. Since the console is more powerful, the framerates are more stable, too. In addition, the PS4 Pro uses dynamic scaling on 4K screens to render at resolutions between 1440P and 1656P. The website found the hues on the PS4 Pro more realistic and lifelike.

The video demonstrates how to enable HDR and other display features on the PS4 Pro.

If you’ve bought the new PS4 Pro and are quietly dreading the process of transferring your data over, you have nothing to worry about – the console’s version 4.0 firmware update has made extremely easy to get up and running again like nothing ever changed. And if you believe your TV is HDR-ready, but you can’t find a setting, Google the model: the company may use an alternate phrasing for the feature.

While the PS4 Pro is now readily available for consumers, not every game for the console is capable of churning 2160p-levels of graphics. And while there are plenty of games to hold your attention, the consoles do offer exclusives that you’ve missed on PC. But in the grand scheme of things that’s at least a year after Samsung released the first UHD BD player in the US.

According to a recent article by Gamespot, Xbox One sales rose 989 percent week over a week just in the United Kingdom alone, which was thought to be caused by the recent slimmed designed Xbox One S models launch. All of them will require an update, so plan accordingly. While we can give kudos to how developers listen to their fans, it wouldn’t be enough to just get the idea without properly executing it.

Once the transfer has completed, your PS4 Pro will ask if you want to activate the console as your Primary PS4.

Did you pick up a PS4 Pro? This seems to be because Skyrim is one of the few native 4K games so far, and when that graphical option is used the frame rate ends up being less than if you played it on a PlayStation 4. Below, we’ve listed the games that fully take advantage of the PS4 Pro’s more powerful hardware. That said, the console does support 4K playback from YouTube and Netflix and the audience for Blu-Ray is admittedly small. The settings should say that it is delivering 2160p video to your TV.

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