Election Day in Space


Astronauts may be still far away from Earth, however, they have the same concerns about future of their native country.

As far as the ability to vote must be spread on every citizen of the country, astronauts will be able to vote as well.

NASA research center has officially published the video with the Shane Kimbrough, an astronaut in the open space, who will be able to vote during the Election Day in the USA.

He is the head of the Expedition 50 on the board of the ISS. And he is ready to give his vote from the orbit with the help of the NASA.

As far as the most spacemen live in Texas, where their main base is situated (Houston, Texas) Kimbrough will use the 1997 law approved by the legislators of the state that allows them to take part in voting.

According to the officials from NASA, the process of voting for astronauts is long. They have to choose the type of elections they want to take part. And half of the year before the real election, they have to fill the application that will be accepted as the request to become a voter.

The address in the papers for voters usually calls orbit of the Earth.

Everyone in space who wanted to vote can fill the ballots and send them right back to the Earth. These papers will be received by the special authorities responsible for voting in space.

Spacemen have already checked this system by voting from the station this time.

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