The Galaxy S8 official release day will be changed


After the big fiasco with their top device Note 7, Samsung is trying to restore its reputation. They are ready to show the new phone, Galaxy S8, which appearance was announced long time ago, before all the troubles with Note 7 batteries.

The press expects to see the release of the new phone not later than in the first month of the next year. We believe it will be at the same time or right after the Mobile Global Congress. However, the rumors have been that Samsung has the second thoughts.

Representatives of the company are doing everything possible to restore the reputation as the reliable well-known phone distributor. Recently, they have published the open letter with apologies from its American department, and placed it in three the most popular USA magazines.

Now they fear to make the same mistake when the phone was released and came to sale, even before it was properly tested. So maybe they will want to make more tests and checking of this new model.

Currently, officials from Samsung say that they have not found out yet how the situation with the Galaxy Note 7 turned out that bad.

Of course, after this big fail we expect that they will have less confidence in their new model.

Analysts believe that the company may postpone the release of their new model till April, while they will patiently wait till customers will forgive them their mistake, and will be able to trust this company again.

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