Twitter crushed all social media during Election Day


The first activity on Twitter was noticed at 5 a.m. this Tuesday and continues till now. Americans began to express their thoughts, hopes, past quotes of famous people before the election.

This chatter is getting bigger with new data from the election.

More than one hundred workers of Twitter are working this time without rest. Some of them are trying to reach the representatives of both politicians and to receive the order on ads in the states that still swing.

They have officially confirmed that till the 11 a.m. Twitter placed 27 000 posts related to the election, and this number is getting bigger with every minute.

During the evening and night activity raised higher, after the polls were officially closed in every state.

Work of Twitter did not stop even for the minute, and they promoted themselves as the destination of the election with numerous live streams together with their partners like BuzzFeed, etc.

Twitter was a leader in this race, and it crushed Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and even Facebook.

Well, we cannot say it was a big surprise for us, as during all the previous elections Twitter had its moment of glory. This tradition repeats itself every time.

And 2016 election came also under the Twitter logo. Every important debate, political news, statements from presidential nominees was highlighted by this social media.

This Election Day went as the reminder to all of us that we can not underestimate Twitter, even it is elder than many of its competitors.

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