Review of the new Google Daydream


This new VR goggles can be bought in big tech shops just for 79 dollars and it goes well with the Pixel phone latest models.

Some of us were very suspicious about this new ambitious gadget, as far as the previous big innovative device from Samsung Company, Gear VR, the headset that uses the powers of the smartphone was not really what it had to be.

Even though it was brand new, and opened the doors to other VR compact technologies, it was really clumsy.

VR at the mobile industry started with some delay, and with numerous obvious mistakes, so we decided to check this new creation of Google really carefully.

It is the first try for Google that will not stop on View and will produce the whole line of VR headsets on the Daydream platform.

Well, this news is good for us, because we believe that Google will do everything to win the audience and save its money.

Right now View does not look like any other devices on the market, however, in reality, the difference is not so big, and pretty unclear for users right now.

By its structure, it looks like Gear VR from Samsung and Cardboard Google’s headsets at the same time.

It will be controlled with one hand from your phone. Right now it is only for Pixel owners, however, as far as we have heard the situation will be changed with time.

You will not receive new special features there, and it will not mimic the motions from the real world.

And as for the benefits, you must discover them by yourself.

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