The future of American science

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Trump’s presidency was so unpredictable that no one really considered the possible impact of this man as the head of the state on the whole science.

Meanwhile, we believe it is time to think about changes in the science field under the new country leader.

Since the first news started to come about elections results, scientists across the states began to worry.

Before the finish line, both candidates had to answer the question from Science Debate non-profit community about their plans in this field.

They have noticed that Donald Trump’s ideas about science were mainly connected to the perspectives in business.

He told that innovation it is the best products at the free market. Trump also added that new options at the market will be the best for entrepreneurs.

However, scientists afraid that the branches of science that do not include money production will have to step back.

The main their concern now is about climate agreement and actions of Trump as the head of the state.

Another big question is the policy of immigration that can scare away the brightest minds of scientists from across the world.

The president of Geophysical Union in the USA, Robin Bell, confesses to the newspaper recently that he is afraid that Trump may put science in this country on the knees.

The good news is that Trump is curious about space exploration, and says that this branch of science needs to receive investments.

He added that the country must support the areas with the main priorities of the nation.

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