Spectacles from Snapchat had the debut this day


Finally, the much-awaited spectacles from Snapchat were released today. So, there are few hundred social media addicted on the streets that are ready to wait in line for half of an hour or even more to put their money in the vending machine Snapbot, near the Venice Beach.

People that were lucky enough can finally enjoy this popular gadget, and create video clips with the camera on the face.

There were not only the ordinary fan of technologies but CEO of big startups, like Jameson Detweiler, who already made video and pictures with the help of Snapchat Spectacles. He also shared with the readers his impressions from the vending machine and the feeling that appear when you are using a robot.

He wrote a long letter to those who still cannot decide whether they want this gadget or not. He admitted that he is not a big user of Snapchat, but with their new creation, he probably will change his decision, because Spectacles are incredible.

He says that it is very simple technology from the first sight. They can be connected to the iPhone through Bluetooth. To manage them is very easy with the help of the phone.

Another fun thing is that you have to give your Spectacles name. After the quick installation you can make small videos for 10seconds. You will have the light from LED at the time of recording, and probably, you will need a good WiFi connection, if you want to receive the best quality.

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