American dollar climbed up in Asia


This Monday American dollar went up and got closer to its highest nine months peak on the Asian market. Analysts explain it by the growing risks of the inflation in the country. Meanwhile, Treasury yields hit abnormal high ranks with the speculations about the future deficit of budget in the USA.

Well, we can only feel sorry for the countries with the emerging markets that can hardly handle the pressure of the new situation in the world.

S&P 500 was very successful with the futures from E-mini and gained 0.5 percent of income. At the same time, spread betters predict firm increase on the European markets.

This morning dollar is equal to the 107 yen, and it continues to grow. Euro was at its lowest position since January towards dollar this Monday. It costs 1.0773 dollars.

Dollar is on its highest towards all the six main currencies in the basket.

Since the victory of the Republican nominee Donald Trump, dollar is constantly changing its positions. After this unexpected election, Treasuries were sold off.

Meanwhile, MSCI Asian-Pacific broadest index outside Japan went down and was only one percent off the lowest rank since the July.

Indonesia went down 2.6 percent.

As for Japan, it, in contrast, received 1.7 percent for its index Nikkei. However, the situation has changed for Japan mainly because dollar made the yen weaker.

Japanese economy grows up, and the last report about its income from the third financial quarter beat all the forecasts.

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