Fed increases the chances for the new interest rates


Prediction of the new inflation wakes up the financial market. Investors expect that new President, Donald Trump will be able to improve financial conditions in the country, by raising the import taxes and focusing on the national industrial productivity.

Meanwhile, the vice head of Fed Stanley Fisher at the end of last week in his interview said that it is still unclear whether the interest rates will be increased. Even though the current state of the national economy is well enough, it does not mean that the situation is clear. They have to find out whether borrowing costs f the American government will suit the new policy.

At the same time, on the other part of the world, in New Zealand, the earthquake eased its national currency. This power natural disaster has already killed two people and raised the possibility of the huge tsunami. Thousands of people left their homes to find the safest shelter on the higher ground.

NZ dollar was down and costs 0.7092 American dollars right now. NZ national government has already assured that there will be quick rebuilding. The economy is stable, and there will be no need to cut the interest rates in the nearest future.

As for the other countries, euro lost its income today and was equal to 1.0773 dollars – the lowest number since the beginning of this year.

Dollar rose against Japanese yen as well and is equal to the 107.43 yen.

Dollar is at its highest nine-month peak against the major basket of currencies.

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