NASA believes the new unknown object coming close to Earth is a comet


Or maybe an asteroid. Anyway, science says that there is nothing mysterious in it. Even though NASA has confirmed that this object must be a giant comet, it can’t identify completely the other weird thing.
Researchers from NASA have recently noticed two weird space objects that are moving closer to the Earth.
One of them was already officially recognized as a comet. Still, another one is a mystery that they can’t solve for now.
According to the official data, the comet will fly near our planet during this week and will be hidden in a dark space after that. Another one, which is still a mystery to us, will appear only in February or even later, not earlier.
The first one who found two objects was the project NEOWISE, which NASA created as the comet and asteroid hunter. Comet was called 2016 WF9. And the date of discovery is November, 27.
Probably, it is somewhere from 0.3 to 0.6 miles across.
It comes to the orbit of Jupiter, very far from the sun.
After it will get closer to the Earth it will come back to its pace outside the solar system. Scientists from NASA do not know if it is an asteroid or a comet. According to the scientist from NASA, James Bauer, it can have some origin of a comet.
He says that the new object shows how thin the barriers between comets and asteroids in a space.

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