Dollar is recovering after reaching the lows


Dollar has received new gains and stopped the few weeks fall. It seems like dollar is finally recovering from the Fed’s meeting last Wednesday.
The new but expected interest rate hike made the dollar go down. And after a while, it began to restore its powers. Political scandal in Japan with Prime Minister and his wife involved in some shadowed scheme of land buying for the elementary school brought the new hope to dollar and drowned yen.
The dollar rose 0.2 percent against the yen, and was equal to the 111.37 yen after falling to the 110.75 during last night, to its lowest number since the last November.
Its main index against the basket of the six main currencies received 0.1 percent lift to the 99.76. During the night it went down to the 7 weeks lows.
There is a new pressure created by Donald Trump on the dollar, who is trying to push his healthcare act instead of famous Obamacare project. His constant fights created the new doubts whether he will be able to protect and develop the national economy which was expected by investors a long time ago.
Right now he is fighting with more conservative representatives of his own party who wants to receive the changes in the legislation. And analysts believe that it is the main test for the USA new president. Investors are waiting whether he is able to push the vote. In other way, this will make the new damage to stocks.

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