Dollar is up and yen is down


Political scandal in Japan which involves Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife into the shadow scheme of buying the property for the new school forced their national currency to slip down. Meanwhile, during one night, American dollar rose, cutting the period of decrease.
The dollar has gained 0.2 percent towards Japanese yen and finished the day with the price of 111.37 yen. Yesterday it was equal to the 110.75, the lowest number in many months.
Its index also rose after falling to the 7-weeks-low. Dollar was equal to the 99.76, adding 0.1 percent against the basket of six main world currencies.
According to the financial strategist Masafumi Yamamoto, right now all the attention of American investors is concentrated on Trump and his administration. If they will not be able to find the solution and push the healthcare bill, the stocks will go down, taking the currency with them.
Investors are worried about Trump’s promised tax cut. A few months have passed since the inauguration, but this question is automatically postponed.
Meanwhile, Asian investors are waiting for the decision of central bank in Taiwan. They have to hold the same interest rate as everyone expects.
American dollar did not change much towards the dollars of Taiwan. Dollar is still equal to the 30.492 Taiwan bucks.
As for the New Zealand dollar, today it was equal to the 0.7046 American dollars. Its central bank holds interest rate on the lowest number in 1.75 percent.

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