Ban of laptops on board can spark the wave of rage

Airlines that fly from certain countries in the Middle East and Africa to the U.S. must require passengers to check in almost all electronic devices rather than carry them into the cabin, said a U.S. official.

After the USA and the UK officials have announced that they are going to forbid on-board use of electronics during the flights from six Muslim countries, angry passengers began to make complaints to the airlines representatives.
Emirates are going to allow the use of tablets and laptops till the time of boarding. The biggest carrier at the Middle East says that they will fight for the right to use electronics on board for their passengers. They are thinking about measures that will minimize the disruption.
According to the recent statement, Emirates will let people to take laptops and bring them past the gates of security in the international airport in Dubai. The special staff will take away devices before the boarding. They want to cut the impact of the USA and the UK ban of electronics on the route to both countries.
In the official email from Emirates Company they confirmed that they are going to provide maximum services to their passengers, including laptops use till the very possible minute.
After the boarding, airline will place all the electronics to a special storage in the cargo, and return them back to the passengers after the arrival.
They will add more staff to handle the flow of people, especially during the first days of the new ban.
It will officially start on the 25th of March.
This ban was announced last Tuesday, and prevents the people who are coming from 10 MidEastern airports to use electronics on board, except phones and medical devices.

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