Virgin America name is going to disappear


And Alaska Airlines name will continue its life. Well, it is not that bad.
During the official press conference representatives of the Alaska Airlines have announced that their merger partner Virgin America will have to drop their logo and name. It will happen until the end of the 2019 year, according to the official statement.
The new modified combination of carriers will be the perfect mix of the best elements from Virgin America and Alaska Airlines.
According to the officials, fans of both companies will be satisfied with this decision. It will have the same music and lighting, and different entertainments during the flight like Virgin America had before the merger.
They also say that the main goal of Alaska Airlines is to make the West Coast atmosphere, welcoming and warm.
The CEO of Alaska, Brad Tilden sees the main goal of his company in creating the flight convenient for the passengers, small fares, good service and the best product.
He also stated that during the last three months they have raised their presence in California and now have another goal – to create an airline that passengers will love.
Both of the airlines have strong ratings of customer service and usually named in the top of American airlines ratings.
The Virgin America fans were grateful to Tilden when he has announced that Alaska is looking for the ways to keep this company alive after the merger. He confirmed that this brand is popular and they will keep everything that makes it so special.

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