Global indexes went up


European markets are expected to open higher on Thursday. After a shocking terroristic attack near the British Parliament, which took lives of five people and sent 40 in hospitals, the police is working on the investigation, believing it can be inspired by Islamic terrorism. Meanwhile, British FTSE will be opened with 0.1 percent gain. The next one in the line is French CAC index with 0.2 percent increase. And the last one is German DAX up by the 0.4 percent.
As for the MSCI Asian-Pacific broadest index outside Japan it gained 0.2 percent this morning, after yesterday’s decrease.
Japanese index Nikkei also went up, closing its work with the 0.2 percent higher. The scandal that involves Prime Minister, his family, and one educational group that wanted the money for elementary school, pushed yen down.
Chinese index CSI 300 brought the early gains just following the hopes that MSCI will include in the indices A-stocks. However, the gains quickly went down as the money began to leave the market at the mainland and follow the link to exchange market in Hong Kong.
As for the Shanghai Composite, it lost 0.3 percent this Thursday. Its closest neighbor Hang Seng index from Hong Kong has lost 0.1 percent in the morning trades.
Meanwhile, during one night, NASDAQ has climbed 0.5 percent up. S&P 500 index gained 0.2 percent, and Dow Jones index was left flat. All of these indexes were down, and almost reached the lowest levels in five weeks during their previous session.

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