Elizabeth Thomas Returns Home To Tennessee

I was kind of telling some people, you know, she never really looks at me and she’s always talking for her.

Thanks go to all who have kept the message of finding Elizabeth Thomas and working on her safe return as top-of-mind throughout the nation.

Siskiyou County authorities located the Nissan Rogue the pair were traveling in Thursday morning and later located Cummins and Thomas, according to the release.

“Someone showed me a picture and I was like, ‘that’s the guy, ‘” Barry said.

Griffen Berry is the caretaker at the property where the two were staying, and the man who called law enforcement, ending a month-long nationwide man hunt for the former teacher and student, who was calling herself Joanna. Elizabeth, who was found safe at the cabin, had been missing since March 13.

On Thursday, U.S. Attorney Jack Smith said a federal charge has been filed against Cummins.

An FBI spokesperson said at the press conference when Thomas arrives home to Maury County, they are going to give her time to get reacquainted with her family and friends and offer counseling or therapy if she needs it.

“It was very traumatic for her. We got her back”.

Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey said Thomas was alternately “laughing, crying and acting stoic”.

The girl was apparently healthy and unharmed, but authorities say their main concern is her emotional and mental state. In her letter, Love said the girl being in his classroom was a violation of the principal’s order to him.

After the capture, Cummins was charged with one federal count of transportation of a minor across state lines for the goal of criminal sexual intercourse, said Jack Smith, acting USA attorney for Middle District of Tennessee. Cummins had been suspended from his teaching job for conduct with Elizabeth. The teen became the subject of an AMBER Alert and search. Cummins, a former high school teacher in rural Tennessee, kidnapped Thomas last month and wound up about 2,500 miles from home, authorities said.

The two vanished from Columbia, Tennessee, on March 13. After they went missing, Cummins’s wife of 31 years, Jill, filed for divorce.

Inside the cabin, police found two loaded guns and stolen license plates.

Cummins and Thomas were seen on security footage at a Walmart in Oklahoma City on March 15, but had not been spotted since, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Cummins is facing three charges: aggravated kidnapping, sexual contact with a minor, and transporting a minor across state lines to have sexual intercourse. There is no doubt that she has suffered severe emotional trauma and that her process of recovery is only just beginning.

The statement said the family is “glad this chapter of the ordeal is over” but has “neither comment nor opinion about what should or should not happen to Tad Cummins and leave that up to the capable individuals involved in the judicial system”.

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