Geraldo Rivera Slanders Kendrick Lamar + Hip-Hop With Weak Response

“I got this piece called the iRig, I saw you could plug it into your iPhone, they got amps on here, see what cool guitar sounds I could get”.

DAMN marks the rapper’s first full-length release since last year’s unexpected untitled unmastered. collection. At the time that he sent out that tweet, there was a leaked version of DAMN circulating online and it seems like he was suggesting that that leaked version is not the official version. Additionally, James Black, BadBadNotGood, and The Alchemist have all received credits, with production credits to Mike WiLL Made It on a number of tracks.

Fox News anchor Geraldo Rivera famously took aim at the hip-hop star in June, 2015 after Kendrick delivered a powerful performance of his single Alright at the BET Awards, while rapping the anti-police lyrics on top of a vandalised cop auto in light of a string of police brutality cases across the U.S.

You’ve really got to hand it to Kendrick Lamar, the man knows how to bring together a wide and diverse range of talent to his musical projects.

The artwork on DAMN. is red, yet on the day the album dropped Lamar’s Spotify image was changed to show him against a blue background. And i’m really excited about it. He added that “the overall message is ‘we’re gonna be alright.’ It’s not the message of ‘I wanna kill people'”.

He continued, “I sort of bucked a lot of what my teachers taught me”.

This weekend (and next weekend), Kendrick headlines the Sunday of Coachella (set times here).

He concluded: “Hip-hop is not the problem”.

Stream DAMN. below or look for it on one of the other streaming sites. There’s also another tasty classic Lamar croon tune, “PRIDE.”, the hypnotic “LUST.”, and the album’s formidable final track, “DUCKWORTH”.

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