Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition comes with extra apps

Aside from the latest smartphone device, the Samsung company also introduces other technology during the event, such as the Samsung Deck, Samsung Home Connect and the Bixby. Both HP and Samsung require users to purchase a mouse, keyboard and monitor separately too – so the cost of using these desktop docking solutions can end up far higher.

Another thing that stands out is that it would carry on the navigation buttons with its own logo, regardless of the fingerprint sensor that would go to the back. The feature allows users to unlock their devices simply by picking it up. Galaxy Note 8 will purportedly feature a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen with 4K resolution, a dual-camera and AI assistant, Bixby. There’s also the Samsung DeX, a dock which essentially turns the new phone into a PC. It’s got some interesting new tricks, including a way to turn the phone into a desktop PC replacement, and it’ll offer a better mobile computing experience than its predecessor. Many like the way Samsung managed to let you still text and take calls, but a lot of apps are still unable to open in a full-screen mode.

Bixby AI assistant was unveiled in NY on Wednesday. Called Bixby, the assistant was mainly created to help users navigate the phone easily, like set reminders and search through photo galleries. Little is known, however, about the virtual assistant’s capacity to pull information from the web. And the new Galaxy phone will be available in all of Europe and some other countries, including Singapore and Hong Kong, on 28 April. Interestingly, the device will have to be unboxed in-store and connected to the retailer’s Wi-Fi, which will start loading Microsoft apps into the device.

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