500+ companies apply to sell medical marijuana

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment to the state constitution, approved by voters in November, legalized the possession and sale of medical marijuana in the state and gave the board until March 9 to adopt the rules.

All of the applications will be logged and scored by the end of June, Murphy said. Some of those packages have multiple applications in them, she said.

“We have worked diligently to protect the integrity of this process”, Murphy said.

“Creating such a report would be time consuming, and would take away from the necessary efforts that we have underway to get medical marijuana to patients in as short a time as possible”, he said.

The state plans to issue 12 grower/processor permits and 27 dispensary permits as part of the first phase of the program’s rollout.

Rules governing how Arkansans can register to use medical marijuana cleared another hurdle Thursday when they gained final approval from the state Board of Health. Some of the packages, she stated, contained more than one application. Each of the over 500 applicants had to put up a non-refundable fee of $10,000, just for starters, as well as a permit fee of $200,000, which will be returned to applicants who are unsuccessful.

Gabe Perlow of Pittsburgh is among the applicants. The state also is preparing to offer clinical registrant licenses, which would attach medical marijuana to existing hospitals that also serve as academic medical institutions.

Perlow formed a partnership with Moxie, a Nevada company that processes and distributes pharmaceutical-grade cannabis-oil products, in an attempt to procure a license.

Among those have been 22 applications to grow medical marijuana in southwest Pennsylvania. In one instance, a package was torn open and destroyed in the mail, he said.

“By the time somebody could get to court and make some sort of claim that we’re not doing what we were constitutionally mandated to do it will be finished”, Brech said. That will involve a site visit by top agency officials.

The regulations approved also would allow visitors from other states to use their medical marijuana cards in Arkansas. In the interim, the state has approved 231 applications through the “safe harbor” program, allowing caretakers of those younger than 18 to obtain medicine from other states. The drug will be available to Pennsylvania residents under a doctor’s care for a serious medical condition listed in the law. The health department is regulating the program, which forbids smoking marijuana in dry leaf form.

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