Penn State students react after 18 frat members charged with student’s death

There were people that viewed injuries to his head. Tim fell and he’s just lying on the couch … They hovered over him for a number of hours. “We need to change the rules of the game”, he said. A few times he got up and fell again.

But Tim Piazza had fallen down a flight of stairs on that morning in February and was on a couch in the frat house, unresponsive. “And when they brought him up this last time, he was in dire…need of some help”. The frat brothers were content to just watch him and some googled what to do for a head injury. They called 911 at 10:48 a.m.

Investigators say over 40 minutes elapsed before the fraternity called for help after they discovered Piazza was looking deathly ill the morning after the party. “When he arrived at the hospital it was too late”. “This did not have to happen”, he said.

Scicchitano testified to the discovery of a “wealth of information” showing an active attempt to hide or destroy evidence after Piazza was taken from the fraternity house. Frat members communicated through the “GroupMe” application and discussed deleting online conversations before they talked to authorities.

Miller said doctors estimate Piazza had a blood-alcohol content of almost 0.40 per cent; the legal limit for drivers, for comparison, is 0.08 per cent.

Over 1,000 charges were laid against the students and the fraternity itself, Beta Theta Pi, faces one count of involuntary manslaughter. Hundreds of charges were lodged, the largest number of counts against a fraternity in recent history.

The other charges fraternity members face include hazing, furnishing alcohol to minors, tampering with evidence. Fraternity president Brendan Young told pledge master Daniel Casey, both of whom are charged with manslaughter, to make sure he has the pledges clean the basement and get rid of “any evidence of alcohol”.

All indicators suggested Beta Theta Phi was a model fraternity – the house, privately-owned and situated like all other fraternity houses on private property, was lovely, the subject of a multi-million dollar renovation; both the Beta alumni and the national organization provided strict rules of behavior; and, the brothers had a no alcohol policy which stated that anyone caught drinking would be expelled.

Jim Piazza made the comments at a news conference Friday after charges against Beta Theta Pi and 18 frat brothers were announced by the Centre County district attorney.

Surveillance video from that night, text messages between the brothers, and their testimony to the grand jury lead to the felony aggravated assault charges.

DiBileo also suggested they call an ambulance but was told by Ryan Foster, another fraternity member who was charged, that Piazza would be fine and such things “typically occur on bid acceptance night”, according to the grand jury.

On February 2 the fraternity began its initiation, which involved significant quantities of alcohol, prosecutors said. Members partook in alcohol-filled festivities such as a Four Loko night and a cigar and beer night.

The fraternity members appeared frightened, searching on Google for how to treat head injuries.

Old Main on the Penn State main campus in State College, Pa., Oct. 28, 2015. We are working closely with our General Fraternity to determine how this happened, and are fully cooperating with police and Penn State administrators in their own investigations. He said ” The University needs every single partner out there, to put the pressure that is necessary to fix this problem”.

Joseph Ems will be charged with recklessly endangering another person.

“Our thoughts continue to lie with the Piazza family as the justice process moves forward”, the statement read.

Jim Piazza choked back tears Friday as he described the loss of his son.

“It is all the more disheartening that those who were responsible for the death of Tim Piazza then took elaborate steps to hide their own culpability, seeking to escape the consequences”, Kline said.

“It’s significant, yes, very troubling”, Horras said. They’ve had alcohol concerns, hazing concerns, drug abuse.

“You know every little thing can be called hazing nowadays and it sort of just depends on just context and everyone’s sort of perspective on it”, Colin Shakespeare said.

But in the midst of all this, come criminal charges against 18 fraternity members and the fraternity, itself for a hazing death.

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