Microsoft unveils a big Windows update and virtual reality hand controllers

Chief among those features left on the Creators Update cutting room floor is My People, a feature that brings your favorite contacts directly into the Windows 10 taskbar for easier file sharing and messaging.

“In our fall update, for the first time Windows 10 will love all of your devices”, said Joe Belfiore, a Microsoft vice president for Windows software. For example, if a user uses a stylus to cross out text in a Windows 10 app, the app will recognize that the user wants to delete that text and will do so from that command.

Windows 10 has slowly been garnering a lot of ground and according to Microsoft the OS is now running on over 500 million machines.

The feature was removed from Windows 10 but will essentially be bought back in Windows 10 File Explorer when browsing OneDrive.

Timeline is a new twist that lets people rewind their now running Windows session to a previous checkpoint, letting them scroll through a history of open apps and documents and “seamlessly” restore it on demand. It’s a unified markup language for user interface elements that keeps the same app UI on Windows, iOS and Android.

Microsoft also announced the OneDrive Offline Folders feature, which provides offline support for OneDrive files, is available on mobile devices. OneDrive is basically Microsoft’s version of Google Drive.

“For developers, Fluent Design is built to help you create more expressive and engaging apps that work across a wide range of device and input diversity”, he added. Here are a few of the features that we expect to see when the update finally arrives.

The autumn update will bring Microsoft Graph.

Those who regularly swap between a PC and a mobile device at home and at work should be able to more easily pick up where they left off. Details are scarce, but given that Graph works with Office 365, there’s a good chance users will be able to rewind not only Windows software but also its cloud services.

Enlarge / Cortana offering to Pick Up Where I Left Off in Windows.

The truth is, neither Apple nor Google have much incentive to build bridges to Windows devices, services, apps, and bots. Visual Studio will wait until a developer stops typing for a couple seconds, and then push an updated view to the device so that they can see how it looks, Friedman said. To do this, Microsoft will implement new status icons in File Explorer to show if files are available locally or if they need to be downloaded from the cloud. “Strategically the company has embraced mobility and extended the operating model across devices”.

Windows is making hand-held controllers for virtual reality.

Apple has always been confident in its own ecosystem, which is why it probably isn’t anxious about Microsoft rolling out these features.

With the next major Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, the Redmond giant is adding support for another two of the most popular Linux distributions to the operating system.

Myerson also pointed out that significant new third-party UWA apps are coming to the Windows Store, including Spotify and iTunes, as well as Autodesk Stingray, a 3D game engine and real-time rendering tool, and SAP Digital Boardroom, an app created to provide real-time data from SAP enterprise systems to executives and directors.

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