Cyberattack hit German rail schedule boards

Whistleblower Edward Snowden hit out at the National Security Council for not preventing the global attack.

The identity of the Shadow Brokers is not known, though many security researchers say they believe they are in Russian Federation, which is a major source of ransomware and was one of the countries hit first and hardest by WannaCry.

Once inside the targeted network, so-called ransomware made use of recently revealed spy tools to silently infect other out-of-date machines without any human intervention.

All this may be just a taste of what’s coming, another cyber security expert warned.

Citing the far-reaching potential impact on customers, Microsoft took the unusual step of offering a custom support security update for users with versions of Windows that are no longer supported.

German rail operator Deutsche Bahn said some electronic signs at stations announcing arrivals and departures were infected, with travellers posting pictures showing some bearing a message demanding a cash payment to restore access.

The ransomware attack is at “unprecedented level and requires worldwide investigation”, Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency, said on Twitter.

The 22-year-old Britain-based researcher, identified online only as MalwareTech, explained Saturday how he inadvertently discovered Friday that the software’s spread could be stopped by registering a garbled domain name.

A spokesman for NHS Digital, which manages service cyber security for the health service, said: “At this stage we do not have any evidence that patient data has been accessed”. Up-to-date backups make it possible to restore files without paying a ransom. But so far several said they have found no way to break the encryption.

“We are aware that a number of NHS organizations have reported they have suffered from a ransomware attack”, May said while out on the campaign trail in the UK. The researcher in Britain widely credited with foiling the ransomware’s proliferation told Reuters he had not seen any such tweaks yet, “but they will (happen)”.

No patient data is believed to have been compromised by the incident, which is being investigated by the National Cyber Security Centre.

Barts officials had to cancel routine appointments and divert ambulances to neighboring hospitals, they said, adding that the switchboard at Newham University Hospital also was affected. (Atentado, Estados Unidos) EFE/EPA/RITCHIE B. “Things could likely emerge on Monday” as staff return to work.

NHS Western Isles said attack’s full the impact on the health board was not yet clear.

UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd is chairing a government meeting on Saturday that will deal with the cyberattacks, the Prime Minister’s office told CNN.

Global shipper FedEx Corp said some of its Windows computers were also breached.

The Scottish Government said other public bodies are running checks on their systems as a precaution ahead of the start of the working week.

In his opening remarks, Lasantha Wickremasinghe, President, CA Sri Lanka said that cyber threats top the list of challenges that organisations face in the fast developing technologically advanced world where there is increasing risks of fraud and security threats and therefore it is advisable to invest in cyber security to make the systems secure.

The ransomware appeared to exploit a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows that was purportedly identified by the US National Security Agency (NSA) for its own intelligence-gathering purposes and was later leaked to the internet.

The assault, which began Friday and was being described as the biggest-ever cyber ransom attack, struck state agencies and major companies around the world – from Russian banks and British hospitals to FedEx and European vehicle factories.

Spain, meanwhile, activated a special protocol to protect critical infrastructure in response to the “massive infection” of personal and corporate computers in ransomware attacks.

Companies rushed to protect Windows systems with patches that Microsoft released last month and on Friday.

“If your software is not patched, you can exploit that user”. It seemed to be a new kind of ransomware, and it spread fast.

The National Cyber Security Centre is working with all organisations here in the United Kingdom that have been affected and that’s very important.

Authorities in Britain have been braced for cyber attacks in the run-up to the election, as happened during last year’s USA election and on the eve of the French run-off vote on May 7. It also said the attack did not specifically target the NHS.

On Friday, Russia’s interior and emergencies ministries, as well as its biggest bank, Sberbank, said they were targeted by ransomware.

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