Anna Faris, TJ Miller, Sofía Vergara In ‘The Emoji Movie’ New Trailer

The movie centers around little Gene (yep, Emo-Gene), his best friend Hi-5, and his other friend Jailbreak, who travel through their phone and other apps to sort out his ever-changing expressions.

Sony Pictures got a leg up on marketing at the Cannes Film Festival today, launching its trailer for The Emoji Movie and launching TJ Miller literally into the air. “C’est bon?!”. Out of breath and panting, Miller lands on the beach to present the brand new trailer for the movie while surrounded by life-size emoji mascots. Definitely check it out. If nothing else, Patrick Stewart as a poop emoji should be fun.

When I heard that something called The Emoji Movie was being made with actual dollars by a real movie studio, I immediately grabbed my phone and texted a vomit face to my friend, unaware of the irony. Well writer director Tony Leondis takes you into the awesome world of your cellphone where you get to meet all the emojis even those you never used.

I’m going to assume the reason for The Emoji Movie not only being thought of, but greenlit, is because of copious amounts of narcotics.

In a stunt held earlier today, T.J. Miller-one of the film’s stars- parasailed into a press conference held on a Emoji-themed pier near the historic Carlton Hotel, while the film’s studio live-streamed the whole thing.

The Emoji movie could be seen as a risk for Sony as they have not had a substantial hit in some time.

The Emoji Movie is coming to theaters July 28, 2017.

Anyway, T.J. Miller heads up the surprisingly good voice cast in this animated feature. Together, they embark on a quest to find the code to fix Gene. The film is directed by veteran animation artist Tony Leondis.

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