‘The Flash’ Season 3 Finale Preview: Episode 23 Photos and Trailer

Yes, Iris dies and what a ideal time for Killer Frost (or is it Caitlin?) to show up for a picturesque duo with Cisco (if he doesn’t make a Force Awakens comment next week, I’ll be shocked).

From the very beginning of the series, in the first season finale, Barry traveled back in time to the moment his mother was murdered with the intention of rescuing her, but ultimately decided not to.

Wentworth Miller, whose character Leonard Snart was killed off on Legends of Tomorrow, makes his welcome return to the DC TV-verse on The Flash. Thanks, Discovery Channel! The ensuing fight still gets pretty brutal in a way this show rarely does. That scene where they try to talk their way in? Joe and Wally bring her to Earth-2 to visit Harrison Wells. Tonight’s Flash offering was like a greatest hits of what is so incredible about this show and what is also not good about a television show. He’s conniving, brilliant, and just a pleasure to watch.

The team suffers a major setback when Savitar fools HR into blabbing the location where Iris is stashed away. He’s just too good to let go. His chemistry with Barry and him explaining the dynamic between them was classic.

The CW ” s The Flash: Season 3, Episode 22: “Infantino Street’ may be one of the strongest episodes of the season as it has build up into what will possibly be an epic final battle between Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and his evil double Savitar. Which was a little surprising, because it leaves a whole “nother hour next week to sort out the messy details”. As Barry has said time and time again, there is no Flash without Iris West. I can not take the tears in Joe’s (Jesse L. Martin) eyes, thinking about his baby girl dying. Or at least, that she’ll come back in some way? Barry was in need of a master thief, so he turned to one he was familiar with, Captain Cold. Not to mention we still have another hour next week. But hey, I’ve been surprised before.

This easily ranked among the best episodes of the season for me. The Flash just becomes predictable at this point and feels like it has no stakes. Not only does this mean that there isn’t enough time to really have fun with this unlikely team-up, but it also means that some of the episode’s most important beats don’t entirely land because there isn’t any room for them. One of the biggest regrets that fans have is the fact that Captain Cold and the Rogues haven’t been utilized at all on this show.

H.R. was about to start a brand-new life with Tracy, giving him something to look forward to in the future. It’s Savitar. He thanks H.R. and runs straight into a portal. Did H.R. sacrifice himself to save Iris?

“Is it spying if we’re friends?” Reason 34493068 that Cisco is the actual best.

“No strings on me”. Barry is a good guy, and that’s his strength.

She added, “I have no desire to say goodbye to Iris anytime soon”.

That’s where the episode ends, but… come on, Iris isn’t dead! Desmond saw Charlie die by an arrow and although he was able to prevent this, time found another way to kill Charlie instead.

We’ll have to wait and see, but these photos leave us with more questions than answers! Whichever route the show ends up going, we only have to wait a week before we find out.

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