Android O beta update released by Google


Similarly, by putting the camera in front of the sticker on a WiFi router an Android device user could automatically connect to the network without the need to manually enter the network password. Recently the company had brought reciting recipe feature to Google Home that will ease your cooking task.

It basically represents a set of vision-based computer capabilities that are enabling us to understand what we are seeing and helps in taking action based on that information.

Announcing the new feature, Google chief executive Sundar Pichai gave an example of how Google Lens will work.

“All of Google was built because we started understanding text and web pages”, Pichai said.

The overall picture from the Google I/O conference is that these are the beginnings of understanding images and videos by the search engine. The company recently launched the Android O public beta.

The AutoVoice extension for Google Chrome has been updated recently and it can provide support for recently released SDK for Google Assistant.

Starting this week, users of the Google Home digital assistant for instance will be able to schedule appointments and setup reminders by speaking to the device using normal conversation.

Crashing, slowness and battery vampirism enrage Android device owners and make the appmaker look bad.

Over the next few months, Google Home users will be able to ask Assistant to connect them to mobile phones and landlines in the USA and Canada for free, Huffman and Chandra wrote. The user will be asked to login to their Google account.

Lastly, Whirlpool is another brand that is introducing the integration to more than 20 of their Jenn-Air and Whirlpool brands which includes ovens and ranges, microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc. Users will be able to “talk” to these appliances using their Google Home smart speaker and let Google Assistant do all the “work”.

Some 100 million Android devices now have Assistant on them.

Google also announced that it has now reached two billion users on Android and that it would be making its Google Assistant available on iPhone for the first time, challenging Apple’s Siri in her own backyard, so to speak.

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