Apple is rumored to launch new MacBook in June

According to a recent report we will also see some new MacBooks at WWDC 2017 and may also see a new MacBook Air.

According to sources, Apple’s entire MacBook line-up is scheduled for a refresh with the big phone Company giving the MacBook Pro a new, faster Intel Kaby Lake chipset. The company last announced updates (not much significant) to MacBook Pro (both 13-inch and 15-inch models) in early 2015. Part of the motivation with these upgrades is to remain competitive with Microsoft and its newly introduced Surface Laptop, a sleek system with a 13.5-inch PixelSense display and Kaby Lake underneat the hood.

Apple now sells its MacBook Pro computers in two screen sizes – 13 inches and 15 inches. In fact, a number of professional users who picked up the new MacBook Pro a year ago was less than pleased with what they received. Apple fans and tech pundits need to wait a few more weeks before knowing what hardware Apple will unveil during the 2017 WWDC but for now, chances are high that a new MacBook and MacBook Pro will be in the offing.

And lastly, the Korean report states that “the KGI Securities examiner expressed that the MacBook Pro 2017 would most likely be outfitted with various updates”. There were no comments from Apple on the matter. With a refresh on the horizon, the MacBook Pro will at the very least provide users with more bang for their buck.

The Agency adds that laptops account for only 11 percent of all Apple’s sales, whereas the iPhone nearly two thirds. In comparison, the speaker would be a completely new development and would mark Apple’s foray in a segment it has never been into before. Look for the upgraded 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro models to debut at Apple’s WWDC event in June. Coupled with the slumping sales numbers of the iPad Mini, the tablet was simply “sized out of its own category” and it makes more financial sense for Apple to drop it completely. If Apple refreshes it, that means the company plans to offer the MacBook Air for the foreseeable future.

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