Bush Photobombs Reporter at Texas Rangers Game


With this move, Bush may have just cemented his spot as the coolest president ever.

Fox Sports Southwest’s Emily Jones can add her latest bit of Rangers coverage to the highlight reel, all thanks to a amusing moment involving former president George W. Bush.

Playing at the Global Life Park, the Texas Rangers managed to beat the Phillies 9-3 to take the win.

He remains a loyal Rangers fan and is often spotted at games.

In an interview with Time, Jones said she approached Bush following the incident and asked if he had photobombed her.

Dubya’s walk-on didn’t seem to bother her afterward, either. He said “Yep, I sure did”.

The former president tickled the internet in January when he struggled to put on a poncho at President Donald J. Trump’s inauguration.

“I actually texted him and I go, ‘Dad, photo-bomb somebody?'” Hager said.

He also was not aware of the sensation he caused at the Rangers game.

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