Download Android ‘Oreo’ Beta from Google now

Features introduced include visual language translation, transactions and many third-party integrations, and also a Google Assistant SDK to enable the addition of the assistant into all kinds of devices. Either way, people love using their emoji.

Clay Bavor, vice president of virtual Reality at Google, speaks on stage during the annual Google I/O developers conference in San Jose, California, US, May 18, 2017. They believe computers can take over more of the tedious, grunt work so humans have more time to think about deeper things and enjoy their lives with friends and family.

Android Go sounds very much like the existing Android One platform, which targeted budget devices in China, as a cheap and cheerful lightweight OS that can run on phones with as little as 512MB of RAM. It’s built for “the next billion users” and will launch at some point during 2018.

CEO Sundar Pichai also discussed the “Google for Jobs” search feature in a blog post yesterday on Google’s AI initiatives saying AI could democratize access to information and surface new opportunities.

By the year 2021, there will be more AI-powered digital assistants installed on devices than there are people in the world, according to new research from Ovum. Now Google has officially released the Assistant for iOS and is available for download on the iPhone starting today.

A new service called Google Lens will give Assistant a new power. Ransomware apps can no longer obscure the phone’s lock screen or status bay, for example, and cannot use the admin permission to prevent deletion or to change your password.

Good news, Gmail, Hangouts and Android fans: Google is (finally) revamping its emoji lineup. Google will also let you share whole photo libraries with others. Indeed, you’ll be able to do it completely hands-free if you have an Android phone with the “Ok Google” wakeword set up, or a Google Home. This feature will either remove the apps or keep them turned off. So, you can say “Ok Google, send $20 to Paul for gin” and it’ll process the direct transaction, billing it to your debit card. If you have a Google Pixel or a Pixel XL, you’ll get to see seamless updates in action as the device flashes the update while it’s on. The app will draw upon its AI powers to automatically pick out the best pictures to put in the album.

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