Google Brings In New Recents Menu UI In Android Go


Another interesting function the Android O will come with is Notification Dots. The search giant is now eyeing a majority of the population residing in countries like India, Brazil and African nations, through a platform which the company likes to call “Android Go”. That’s where the Android Go project wants to step in. All these aspects make Android Go better and smarter than Android One. For those wondering why Google chose to change up the look for the recents menu with Android Go, Google says that it’s apparently because 95 percent of entry-level device users don’t do a lot of switching between applications, and tend to stick to the four most recently used apps that show up in the menu.

One way Google is capitalizing on the new API internally is through the addition of payment and transaction support via the Google Assistant on Google Home or Android devices. Finally, the OEM had to send regular security updates. This can work well for users who want to multi-task. In Turkey, for example, Google offers an Android One smartphone in collaboration with General mobile, which costs $250. According to Google, Android O is very much part of Android Go project.

Android Go stands for three things; first is to continue optimising Android operating system on an entry-level smartphones starting with “O” (Android O).

Learning from experiences, Google is now taking a different stand with Android Go. For devices running Android Go, Google Play will feature “light” versions of popular apps – that use lesser data – such as YouTube Go, Facebook Lite, and others. This Play Store will use visual cues and badges to indicate how smoothly can an app run on the particular device.

Google also has plans to make it easier for users to connect their loyalty cards to their Android Pay app.

Google has not officially announced the name of any third-party device maker that would launch smartphones tailor-made for Android Go platform, or indicated that it will launch its own hardware devices with Android Go.

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