Israeli intelligence agents furious with Trump


However, intent on brokering what he terms “the ultimate deal”, the USA leader is being cautious not to anger the Palestinians and discourage participation in peace negotiations with the Israelis, a senior White House official told Bloomberg on condition of anonymity, due to the sensitivity of the issue.

Last night (Thursday), the Israel Police, the Shin Bet and personal security services trained and prepared for US President Donald Trump’s visit in three days.

Speaking to Israel Radio, Ofer Shelah, an opposition lawmaker who is a member of the parliament’s foreign affairs and defense committee, said intelligence and security officials must exercise extra caution when dealing with Russian Federation because of its direct involvement in the Middle East and alliances with Israeli foes.

Pax Christi International, together with its member organisations and partners, is deeply concerned about the situation of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons – especially those who have been on a hunger strike for one month and whose situation is deteriorating. “But I think it can be put aside and allow (Trump’s) visit to be very fulfilling and I hope very successful”.

Israeli intelligence experts said they could not confirm whether an Israeli asset was the source.

But the real fury appears to be in Israel.

The reason for Trump’s optimism about concluding a deal is unclear. Most other allies only share their processed information.

Israeli government spokespeople and intelligence experts recalled instances when Israeli politicians had unwittingly divulged secrets in the course of public remarks, and said leaks of sensitive information are part of the risks of intelligence sharing.

Danny Yatom, another former Mossad chief, said that if the reports were true, Trump had probably caused heavy damage to both Israeli and American security. As the nation’s envoy to the United Nations, her public comments on foreign policy issues generally are assumed to be statements of USA policy.

Israeli intelligence keeps close tabs on its Middle Eastern neighbors and Islamic militant groups across the region. Netanyahu’s office said it was astonished by the comment. Israeli media reported that United States and Israeli officials got into a shouting match after the Americans rebuffed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s request to join Trump at the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City.

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