Moors murderer Ian Brady dies aged 79


Bennett’s family continue their search to this day for his body.

But even with his death, Brady continues to provoke anxiety by taking with him as a secret the site where the last of his victim, Keith Bennett, had been buried.

The brutality of the crimes – which in several cases included sexual assault – and the role of a woman in luring innocent young children to their deaths, make it one of Britain’s most notorious cases.

She told a Channel 4 documentary it should only be passed onto Winnie in the event of his death.

He died from cancer at Ashworth secure psychiatric unit in Merseysde having always refused to reveal where the remains of the fifth victim, Keith Bennett, were, despite repeated pleas from the boy’s family.

Myra Hindley died in 2002.

It was not clear what the cause of Brady’s death was, but he was reported to be receiving palliative care from nurses around the clock in recent days.

Upon hearing news of Brady’s death, Kilbride’s brother, Terry, in an interview with The Sun, described Brady as a “murderous psychopath” who “ruined our lives all these years and he’ll still ruin it even though he’s gone”.

Others took to social media to express condolences to Alan Bennett’s family.

Solicitor John Ainley, who represented Mrs Johnson and works closely with his brother, Alan, said made a final appeal to the serial killer two months ago, but received no reply. His brother Alan Bennett, writing on Facebook, said: “Thank you to everyone for your honest words and thoughts. So so sorry that you didn’t get the location of Keith’s body before Brady’s death”.

Brady was found guilty of snatching and killing 12-year-old John Kilbride, Edward Evans (17), Lesley Ann Downey (10) while Hindley was convicted of murdering Downey and Evans and shielding her lover in the third case. He later admitted to two more murders in the 1980s.

Brady had been held in a high security hospital near Liverpool in northwest England.

In 2013 Brady asked to be moved to a Scottish prison so he could not be force fed, but his request was rejected.

He was turned down at the mental health tribunal on the grounds that he was insane.

The spokesman said Brady died at 6.03pm on Monday and had been on oxygen for a while.

Brady never campaigned for his freedom and actually said he wanted to die but Hindley enlisted human rights campaigner Lord Longford in a vain bid to be released.

It is believed she told cops she had since returned the letter to Brady.

“I was asking him to look at his conscience and see if at this late stage he could impart information and that some good could come of that and the family would get some satisfaction and closure”.

The moors murder victims.

LONDON (AP) — A British coroner says he won’t release the body of serial killer Ian Brady until there’s a guarantee his ashes won’t be scattered on the moor where Brady buried his victims. For decades they have suffered, not only from the unimaginable loss of their loved ones but they have also had to endure years of endless stories, speculation and rumour.

They have lived with the shadow of Brady hanging over them for so long, and have showed incredible dignity in the face of such adversity.

In a letter written to Lachey, 33, last year, Brady said: ‘I’ll be cremated in Glasgow etc.

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