Trump claims ‘witch hunt’ amid Russian Federation probe


Rosenstein’s 2:30 p.m. briefing with the Senate was scheduled before he announced late Wednesday that he was appointing Robert Mueller, a former prosecutor who served as FBI director from 2001 to 2013, to take over the Russian Federation investigation as special counsel. Trump tweeted. “This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!”.

Thursday’s meeting was proposed by Schumer last week after Trump fired Comey.

Reacting to the appointment, Trump earlier said a thorough investigation will prove that no such collusion took place.

A number of times previously, Mr Trump has likened the investigation into potential collusion between his campaign and the Russian government to a witch hunt. “Because you look at all of the people on the Democratic side, not only the Republican side, that were saying such awful things about Director Comey”, Trump said.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, said, “It’s now considered a criminal investigation and Congress’s ability to conduct investigations of all things Russian Federation has been severely limited – probably in an appropriate way”.

Other senators who attended Rosenstein’s briefing said that Rosenstein didn’t address who asked him to write the memo.

The comments are the latest addition to a growing list of White House rationale for Mr Comey’s firing.

“There is mounting evidence of obstruction of justice”, Blumenthal said, avoiding a specific question as to whether he was referring to President Trump or the firing of Comey.

Flynn was forced to resign in February after it was disclosed that he misled Vice President Mike Pence about the nature of his conversations with Russia’s United States ambassador.

Instead of being a popular decision, the firing was met by a tsunami of criticism by Democrats because as FBI director, Comey oversaw the investigation of Russian meddling in the US election and potential ties to Trump’s campaign. He has become a central figure in the investigations going on in Congress.

Burr, the Senate intelligence panel’s chairman, said they are awaiting word from Flynn’s attorneys whether he will comply with a subpoena for his records.

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal, a former CT attorney general, told reporters, “The special prosecutor is doing an investigation of criminal allegations that are extremely serious, including possible obstruction of justice”.

But Mueller’s investigation could go on for a while, according to Garrett Graff, the author of the 2011 book “The Threat Matrix: The FBI at War in the Age of Global Terror”, an inside look at the FBI and Mueller’s tenure at the agency.

Graham also had some advice for Trump, who wrote on Twitter Thursday morning that the appointment of a special counsel amounted to a “witch hunt”.

Trump is both publicly and privately stewing about Rosenstein’s decision to name a special counsel.

Asked if he’d ever done anything that would merit impeachment, Trump said, “I think that’s totally ridiculous”.

“It also happens to be a pure excuse for the Democrats having lost an election that they should have easily won because of the Electoral College being slanted so much in their way”, said Trump.

He added, “Adversity makes you stronger. Don’t give in. Don’t back down”.

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