US to announce $110 billion Saudi arms sale as Trump visits

Trump is the first president since Jimmy Carter not to take a foreign trip during his first 100 days in office.

The New York Times reports that ahead of Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia, foreign dignitaries have been sharing tips on the best way to deal with the president.

He appeared to be referring to the mainly Sunni kingdom’s regional rival, Shiite-dominated Iran.

Trump can expect a warm reception when he arrives in the oil-rich kingdom for talks with King Salman, but the domestic mood was grim following news that the FBI’s investigation into his campaign’s ties with Russian Federation extends to a current senior White House official.

“Relations between states and nations must be based on equality and mutual respect”.

The imam said interference in the Middle East has “exacerbated confessional, religious, nationalist and ethnic conflicts”, and called on summit participants to act to “stem armed chaos provoked by terrorists and their sponsors”.

“Personally, I think they should cut it back now before they regret it”, she said about the trip. The Trumps will visit Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy and Belgium, and the trip includes an audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican. The summit will bring together more than 50 leaders from Muslim and Arab countries.

The summit, observers added, was also part of preparations for a new U.S. strategy mobilising the Muslim world against the Islamic State, as well as against groups such as Lebanon-based Hizbollah.

The Trumps are scheduled to return to Washington on May 27. But the White House said an announcement wouldn’t be made before Trump’s departure.

Najib is also also expected to have a bilateral meeting with Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. With Israeli and Palestinian leaders trump is going to discuss the prospects for a “just and lasting peace”.

While being a President represents a great responsibility and perhaps a change of air is good for those who support the weight, the risk of abandoning a scenario as tense as that of the White House today could have some -again – “Nixonian” consequences.

The president will also meet members of the North Atlantic alliance in Brussels and attend a G7 summit in the picturesque Sicilian town of Taormina overlooking the Mediterranean.

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