Valls offers to back Macron in general elections


German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday praised Macron for the “courageous pro-European campaign” he waged against Le Pen’s the far-right nationalist movement.

According to polling done before Sunday evening’s vote, the true support for Macron amongst French voters could be far lower than the 65 per cent he received on the night. I personally like French electoral system and the French president is elected for the tenure of five years.

But while the margin of his win amounts to a clear landslide, several features make it less than a ringing endorsement of Mr Macron and his movement, En Marche (Forward), which he founded just over a year ago.

In February, Le Pen had stated her intent to ban dual citizenship with non-European Union countries, troubling French Jews who also hold Israeli citizenship.

Guillaume Balas, who co-ordinated Mr Hamon’s platform, said Mr Valls “excluded” himself from the party with his allegiance to Mr Macron’s movement. Now she’s looking to take the 11 million votes she won and rebuild the brand.

Jean-Luc Melenchon, who came fourth with a sizeable score in the presidential contest, said he hoped to gain control of the National Assembly and fight to stymie Macron thereafter. Other presidents have learnt painful lessons about the power of the street, how trade unions can block reform, stage disruptive strikes and demonstrations and paralyse society if they feel their members’ interests are threatened.

At 39, the former investment banker will be the country’s youngest-ever leader and faces a huge challenge to heal a fractured and demoralised country. “Then the CFDT will do its work for the rights of workers”.

The former prime minister wants to run under the centrist president-elect’s banner in the legislative elections. “It is behind us”, he said.

The Socialist Party, whose own candidate for president finished a distant fifth in the first round, is holding a meeting today of all its parliamentary candidates. He said on Friday that he had already chosen his prime minister but would not reveal who it was until after taking office.

But once he has moved into the Elysee Palace next week, Macron faces the task of securing a second election victory in June for his startup party, now renamed “La Republique en Marche” (Republic on the Move), in order to get the majority needed to implement his plans for economic recovery.

“The situation is too serious for sectarianism and to be partisan”, he said, later adding that Macron’s victory was positive for France.

Macron wins French presidency but hurdles remain in campaign to governEmmanuel Macron steps into his new role as France’s President-elect.

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