Watch New York Yankees Retire Derek Jeter’s Number


Derek Jeter’s No. 2 has been retired by the New York Yankees, who dedicated a plaque in his honor that will be placed in Monument Park behind center field.

However, there’s also one big advantage that having Jeter as a teammate gave Girardi when he became Jeter’s manager.

Why Mother’s Day? Jeter, in the aftermath of the emotional ceremony between games of the Yankees’ doubleheader with the Astros, explained how Mother’s Day came to share top billing in the Bronx with Jeter Night. “I was asked recently by someone, they said, ‘If you could change places with one person, who would it be?’ And I say this very humbly, there isn’t a person or player I would trade places with as playing now or ever”. I’m unprepared. From what people have told me, you just do it and see what happens. I didn’t want to prepare a speech tonight because whenever I do, if I forget a part of it, none of it makes any sense.

They presented Jeter with a framed replica of his Monument Park plaque, a framed replica of his no. 2 plaque, a “career milestone ring”, and a monument park blazer-an idea credited to Carlos Beltran, who obviously got it from the St. Louis Cardinals.

His famed number two is the last single digit to be honored.

Jeter didnt have No. 2 in his mind before reaching the Yankees.

“He just had to work really hard the first two innings, and it cost him”, Yankees manager Joe Girardi said.

“Theres rumors out there that Buck suggested I be No. 2, ” Jeter said.

Jeter was referring to a premature report by Bloomberg that stated the group he led along with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush had already won the auction to negotiate the purchase of the Marlins. Absolutely nothing, ” he said.

Among players on the most recent Yankees dynasty, Posada (20), Rivera (42), Pettitte (46) and Williams (51) also had their numbers retired. “He’s easy to manage because he was always prepared, and i’s easy when you can pencil a guy in and not worry about him in any way”.

Both teams wore special Mother’s Day uniforms, undershirts and caps with pink elements, and many players used pink bats.

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