WWE Backlash 2017 Full Match Card Predictions And Opinions


“I’m very proud to be representing India in the WWE”.

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has always been quite popular in India, but the lack of Indian wrestlers hindered its growth in the country. Orton and Foley took each other to the limit in this match, and pulled out all the classic Foley street fight tropes.

WWE Backlash 2017 is on this weekend and it’s a unique PPV. In fact there have been many bad matches and moments at Backlash in the past, such as Vince and Shane McMahon taking on Shawn Michaels and God.

The event will show Jinder Mahal in his first ever opportunity at the WWE Championship against Randy Orton. My sanity says Orton will win.

The opening match of the night is usually one of the mid-level attractions with good work rate that doesn’t require a dedicated video package ahead of time to hype it up. This gap could be partially narrowed by extending Nakamura’s match time or perhaps adding one more filler match to the card. AJ Styles has been the flagship star for Smackdown since he was drafted.

I would love to say personally that this match should nearly be at number one, but unfortunately the finish is the only thing I feel that held it back from being the best of the best. McMahon basically invented the idea of WWE and is one of the only things that has been around the company since its beginning.

Breezango seems like a stronger contender for this match because the Usos are a reliable act for opening PPVs, and the match probably doesn’t need that video package.

Many fans were baffled by the fact that Jinder went from a jobber to a main event star nearly overnight, and the reason behind the push has to do with WWE’s expansion into India. His match with Kurt Angle, who was in the midst of putting on some incredible mid-card matches at this point in his career, could even be considered the start of the part of his career that would end with him being inducted into the hall of fame. The Superstar Shake Up caused most of Smackdown’s biggest stars to defect to Raw.

It’s been a while since a match truly made us question who could win. And this match helped to elevate his status, showing he could go toe to toe with the absolute best and come out looking like a million bucks as well. In the case of Charlotte, I feel there is enough material there for a lengthy pre-match video package, which hurts her case. Hot off of his World Championship win at Wrestlemania Chris Benoit was placed in a triple threat match in front of his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Chuck Rated-RKO, the team which consisted of Edge and Randy Orton into the mix and you’re in for a cracker of a bout. There may have been a contrast of styles between these three but they stopped at nothing to give us a true classic. Things were a little different this time around though – while Benoit was still somewhat being sold as the underdog heading into the event, he was now the champion and that changed the dynamic of the match considerably.

This year’s event will feature the debut of Shinsuke Nakamura competing in a match on the main roster.

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