BC election exposed a polarized province

The Liberals accused the NDP of failing to explain how they would pay for their campaign promises. Also notable was how Andy MacKinnon rode the Green wave to within 750 votes of veteran municipal politician Desjardins. Regardless, absentee ballots will be counted sometime between May 22nd and May 24th and that’s when a final tally will be officially released.

While not incorrect, the statement is a bit misleading.

“We can’t afford four more years of (Liberal Leader) Christy Clark”, Horgan said on the campaign trail.

The potential minority situation has Premier Christy Clark talking up how much she values the Greens, who until now, had been essentially a fringe party with a single MLA.

“I think there’s two major issues that are very important to both parties and these are obvious ones and they’re no-cost items, as well”, he said.

For now, though, we wait for the final count later this month. British Columbians voted for action for action on climate change.

The NDP won one riding by only nine votes, making a recount a certainty that will determine the difference between a minority and majority if it were to flip to the Liberals.

“British Columbians sent a very strong message to all sides of the legislature”. Regardless of the outcome of the last riding, no party would be able to win the 44 seats necessary to govern with a majority in the 87-seat legislature. A dialogue about how we do things, what we should do, how we want to shape the future of our province.

The legislative minority means the tiny Green party will hold the balance of power as Premier Christy Clark tries to push forward with pipeline expansion plans and a promise to apply a levy to thermal coal exports to the United States in retaliation for USA duties on softwood lumber.

During the press conference, Weaver also denied taking away exclusively NDP votes during the election.

British Columbia faces a two-week period of uncertainty until the final results are in from its tight election race, when it will become clearer whether the province has a minority or majority government.

Weaver said the Greens are open to talking to both the Liberals and New Democrats about governing, but until the votes are counted it’s too early to discuss political deals.

It’s not easy being Green on British Columbia’s political scene – especially for a party facing a hard choice in who it might back in a minority government.

Negative ads and attacks between the NDP and the Liberals over political fundraising laws that place no limits on corporate and union donations have also been a prime part of the political debate.

At the end of a 28-day campaign where John Horgan campaigned for change, the leader of British Columbia’s New Democrats was ready to claim victory on Tuesday night despite finishing slightly behind the Liberals. (TSX:WTE), since Clark has proposed a hefty levy on USA coal shipments through the port in response to the softwood lumber dispute. The NDP has promised to ban the donations, while the Liberals have said they’ll convene a review panel.

The Canadian government in November approved Kinder Morgan’s proposal to expand Trans Mountain, which would help ensure oil exports from the oil sands in the neighbouring province of Alberta reach Asia.

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