Boston Celtics Mock Draft 1.0

“This is a good time to be a Celtics fan”. Game tomorrow against a tough Cleveland team. I mention this because on Tuesday, May 16, the National Basketball Association has it’s annual draft lottery in which the 14 worst teams in the league pray, chant or cross their fingers. The victor of Tuesday’s draft lottery was the Boston Celtics, as they secured the number one overall pick in this year’s draft; followed by the Lakers at number two and the 76ers at number three. Granted, I am happy about getting the No. 2 pick, but losing ANYTHING to the Celtics makes my skin crawl-almost as much as when LaVar Ball opens his mouth at any time these days. The Sixers, at first, drew the fifth overall pick in the lottery, but, because of the trade, managed to swap picks with the Kings to take the third overall pick instead. I don’t know what’s happening here. However, the more I thought about it, the more I thought that this could actually have a bit of a silver lining for the Jazz. They had about a 53 percent chance of falling out of the top three, which would have triggered a trade of the pick as remaining payment of their acquisition of Steve Nash in 2012. Yet, as often is the case at the deadline, no such blockbuster arrangements were made and the C’s held onto their picks. When you do put a true-point guard out there alongside Ben Simmons, you’re going to have to train them to play off of the ball. Many believe the Celtics will take him.

The Sixers could also attempt to trade with the Boston Celtics for the first pick in the draft, but the Sixers would probably have to give up a lot to get that pick. It would likely take something equivalent to a number one pick to woo either of those teams into trading their best players, so suddenly the idea that the Celtics could indeed move that pick to capitalize on a “win-now” window becomes a very real possibility. He will undoubtedly command a max contract worth in the $200 million ballpark, which would pay him more than $30 million annually through his mid-30s. The Magic face an important draft pick this June, but they still have plenty of opportunities.

As Nate Taylor pointed out in one of his recent insiders, Collins and Leaf are two of the more intriguing prospects in got to talk to at the combine. But nearly all other draft projections have Fultz going No. 1 to Boston.

Sacramento now has the 5th and 10th picks in the upcoming stacked draft. And that’s something that would without a doubt be a huge relief to Jazz fans.

The only pick for the team to make is Kansas Jayhawks freshman phenom Josh Jackson. also described Jackson, a player that the site compares to Kawhi Leonard of the San Antonio Spurs and Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls, as a player with a blue-collar work ethic who doesn’t come off as a prima donna. “I’m really ready to be done with it”. Only they know why they would wind up with a center one year, then the next, then the next, including two who were injured. “That’s just a hard trade to make”, he said, according to WBZ News’ Adam Kaufman.

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