Eurovision 2017 averages 6.7m viewers on BBC One

This is the first time Portugal wins, although they have been in the contest for 53 years, from 1964.

Singer Salvador Sobral of Portugal won the 2017 Eurovision song contest that ended in Ukraine’s capital Kiev early on Sunday, TASS reports. With 758 points in total, he had a solid lead over Bulgaria’s Kristian Kotov, who came second with 615 points.

Who won Eurovision 2017 last night?

Sobral was crowned victor during a tense finale in Kiev, Ukraine, marking the first time Portugal has finished inside the top five since they first entered the competition in 1964.

“Music is not fireworks, music is feeling”, Sobral said following the triumph.

Runner-up Kristian Kostov of Bulgaria wasn’t short on feeling – his powerful song “Beautiful Mess” was awash in melodrama, the singer appearing nearly wrung out by romantic turmoil.

Russia’s participation was scuttled by host Ukraine over the two nations’ diplomatic and military conflict”.

“The Moscow-Kiev split is a headache for Eurovision’s producer, the European Broadcasting Union, which strives mightily to keep pop and politics separate”.

“In 2009, the EBU nixed the Georgian entry “We Don’t Wanna Put In”, a dig at Russian President Vladimir Putin”.

Russia, in response, decided not to allow her to participate by video or to send another contestant.

The Eurovision competition was founded in a spirit of bringing together a post-World War II Europe, author Chris West told the CBC.

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