Fox News Host Says She’s in Talks to Become White House Spokeswoman

Of course, the White House claims Spicer won’t be replaced.

Spicer conducted Friday’s briefing after missing most of the week because of obligations as a member of the U.S. Navy reserve.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer listens to National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster during the daily news conference in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House on May 12, 2017 in Washington, D.C. Pirro then brought up press secretary Sean Spicer, and if his job was secure or not.

The 48-year-old co-host of “The Five” appeared to tell the press she was talking to Trump’s aides about the White House spokesperson job. “He believes that she is using him to better her own situation”.

The White House has not responded to the speculation over Guilfoyle replacing Spicer, whom she described as “a very nice man and a patriot” who is in a “very tough position”.

“We know we can not function as a democracy” under the Trump regime, he said, “because some reliable information”. When Barack Obama was president, Guilfoyle said she would welcome an authoritarian leader in the mold of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“As I said, we come up here everyday, not just to the podium but to… we are here first thing in the morning to late at night everyday answering your questions on a variety of subjects throughout issues that are happening in the government”.

Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, Guilfoyle interviewed Trump several times.

Guilfoyle has interviewed Mr Trump many times on the network, while her son Ronan went to the same school as Mr Trump’s granddaughter Kai, the daughter of Donald Trump Jr. and wife Vanessa.

“The status quo won’t continue”, one official told Politico.

Kadonaga’s idea is such a hit that’s it been shared more than 100,000 times on Facebook and has accumulated almost 50,000 likes.

“If I had to go after him, I would, but I’d be fair”, she said.

Guilfoyle has been with Fox News since 2005 as part of its daily talk show, which was moved into a prime-time slot following the April 19 firing of the network’s longtime anchor Bill O’Reilly. But she said that wouldn’t be a problem. “I think it’d be a fascinating job”.

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