Google working to further expand mobile payments, add loyalty programs

You will just have to provide a password or identify yourself using the fingerprint scanner to securely send money using the Google Assistant.

During its keynote a few days ago, Google revealed a host of new features that will be coming to the Google Assistant in the near future. They may not all support Android Pay but they are more likely to use it compared to the Samsung Pay.

The mobile payment service is now accepted on millions of stores. With the API, you don’t have to have a new hardware or get the Android Pay app. This means users will not have to load up Android Pay as a separate app or rely on their credentials having been saved in their browser or fill out bunch of information again just to make a transaction.

Much of the focus was on Google Assistant, the company’s smart/virtual assistant that originally powered Google Home devices and has since expanded to Android phones and – as of this week – the iPhone, too.

With the new Google Payment API, this same ease of payment selection will be available to developers trying to improve the checkout process for customers in their apps.

Google says Android Pay will be making its way to new markets soon, including Brazil, Canada, Russia, Spain and Taiwan. The idea sounds easy but Google will have to work on it carefelly so there won’t be any compromise.

While it was not mentioned directly, the person on the receiving end of the money transfer will presumably also have to have a debit card attached to their Google Account. If you are on Panera Bread, you can save your loyalty cards to link to Android Pay. The developer API will let devs make apps for rewards redemption, coupon, and loyalty.

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