Green vote helped NDP more than Liberals, says UBC prof

Speaking at a campaign office in her riding, Clark said she’s confident the Liberals have done everything they could to reach voters over the past four weeks of campaigning.

But premier Clark is the big loser. 44 is the magic number needed to control the 87-member British Columbia Legislative Assembly, which meets in Victoria.

BC Liberal Leader Christy Clark handily won her West Kelowna riding over the NDP’s Shelly Cook with 60% of the vote during Tuesday’s BC Election.

Liberal leader Christy Clark said she intends to form the next government.

“They came and spoke to all our Grade 11 and 12s, and we had two classed from Crowe and a class from RSS [Rossland Summit School] that came”, said Martin.

Clark and Weaver do have a history of positive dialogue, so her unwillingness to publicly beg for Green support might trace back to those ties.

The Student Vote program for the 2017 British Columbia provincial election was coordinated in partnership with Elections BC.

Several Liberal cabinet ministers lost seats in Metro Vancouver, including Attorney General Suzanne Anton, Technology Minister Amrik Virk and Peter Fassbender, the minister responsible for TransLink.

“We won the popular vote”, Clark said later, smiling wearily as her supporters chanted and applauded.

The Liberals won 43 seats and the Green three as B.C. elected its first minority government since 1952. “And they voted for an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top”.

Horgan often took swipes at Clark during the campaign, accusing her of putting the interests of wealthy donors ahead of most British Columbians.

But it may be a while before British Columbians know which way the power will shift in the province.

And he dismissed concerns that any animosity between him and Horgan might prevent the two from working together in a minority government.

What had been an early Liberal lead has largely dissolved, with the NDP pulling even and at times taking the lead in the seat tally.

Negotiations will likely begin straight away, but real movement isn’t likely until the absentee ballots are fully counted.

“I would expect as soon as government sits in the legislature there will be legislation to ban big money in politics”, said Weaver. The NDP has tabled legislation on six occasions proposing to ban union and corporate donations.

“Substantively, it’s easier to imagine a deal between the Greens and the NDP – not personality wise, but on substance”.

New Democrat Leader John Horgan voted during advance polling last week.

“To me, the voters are never wrong and we got a result from the voters and British Columbians told us what they want really out of this election – that we make sure we do things differently”.

“BC Greens have said we can work with anyone”, Weaver said.

Johnston said if the results remain a Liberal minority government with the Greens holding the balance of power, Weaver has to be careful.

Looking forward, Angolano said all three parties need to face how to cross that urban-rural divide in the next election to form a majority government. “That would be the long-term win for them so maybe that’s one on which they would be willing to take that risk in supporting the NDP to achieve”.

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