Union workers for AT&T across the nation go on strike

AT&T and DirecTV workers who are members of Communications Workers of America walked off the job Friday, protesting what they call “AT&T’s failure to present serious proposals that invest in good jobs with a future“.

The union complains that AT&T is sending call-center jobs overseas and diverting retail jobs to so-called authorized retailers not owned by the company and not unionized, and where wages and benefits are lower, according to a New York Times report. It’s about time we stand up to receive better and affordable healthcare, a fair scheduling policy and overall wage increase.

Locally, the strike only affects company-owned retail locations in IL, according to Katie Nagus, St. Louis-based director of corporate communications.

WHERE: Workers will be picketing at retail stores throughout the region.

The workers would be joined in their protest by CWA members in AT&T’s DirecTV and wireline businesses. “Like any family, we have our disagreements, but we’ll sort them out”, Maviglio said.

Richter said the company was confident it would would settle the contract dispute after having successfully reached 29 contract agreements covering over 128,000 employees since 2015.

A one-day strike in March by approximately 17,000 call center and office workers represented by the Communications Workers of Americas in California and Nevada led to rapid contract settlement between the union and AT&T.

“At the end of the day, this is about good jobs”, said Robert Master, a union official. “We want a new contract and one that is fair”. Employees of the Route 422 store were joined by several who work at the location across the highway inside the Eastwood Mall.

In a statement, AT&T says they’re baffled the union leadership is calling a strike.

The union is demanding wage increases greater than the paltry 2 percent per year hike offered by the company-this wouldn’t even make up for increases in health care costs. The company also expressed confidence that it would be able to resolve the issue.

Workers posted reminders about the walkout on message boards and social media asking customers to show their support by not shopping at AT&T stores this weekend.

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