Donald Trump pledges to move quickly to nominate new Federal Bureau of Investigation chief

That led Trump to tweet Friday morning, “As a very active President with lots of things happening, it is not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with flawless accuracy”.

James Comey better hope that there are no “tapes” of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press”, Trump tweeted. He said in an interview on Thursday with NBC News that Comey gave him this assurance during the White House dinner and in two phone conversations.

Since then, Reps. Al Green, Hakeem Jeffries, and Jared Huffman have been among the handful of Democratic lawmakers who’ve openly discussed the prospect of initiating impeachment proceedings against Trump, should the president’s decision to fire Comey turns out as an attempt at obstructing justice.

In his morning tweetstorm, Trump brought the issue back to Russian Federation, referring to the assertion by the former head of national intelligence that Trump was, to his knowledge, not colluding with Moscow.

Trump’s statements, through a tweet and later television interview, threaten a Washington institution that is the most high-profile forum for journalists to question the government about policy and the news of the day.

By contrast, many of McConnell’s Republican colleagues have begun disentangling their party from a presidency that is likely to end in a train wreck. Sen.

But on Thursday, Mr Trump told NBC that “regardless of recommendation, I was going to fire Comey”.

But Trump shattered that explanation himself Thursday when he said he had always meant to fire Comey, and that his decision was linked to the ongoing investigation into his campaign’s Russian Federation ties.

“Anybody talking to Trump on the telephone has to think a recording is being made”, said Brinkley.

But Rosenstein does not see the need at this time for a special prosecutor, CNN reported. “I think what needs to happen here is to clear this cloud, a cloud that’s hanging over the administration, over the President, over the White House”.

Nixon was forced to appoint a new special prosecutor.

Trump also hit back on Friday at media reports questioning the credibility of White House accounts of why Comey was sacked, which have changed over the course of the week, and threatened an end to regular White House press briefings.

“As a very active President with lots of things happening, it is not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with ideal accuracy!”

On immigration, Trump said that “we must strengthen our military and defend our borders if we have any hope of keeping our people safe”. Deputy White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Comey’s dismissal would allow the probe to “come to its conclusion with integrity”. “I said, ‘If it’s possible would you let me know, am I under investigation?’ He said, ‘You are not under investigation, ‘” Trump recounted, repeating an assertion made when the White House announced Comey’s firing Tuesday.

Trump told Fox News he was surprised by the fierce reaction of Democrats.

The White House refused to confirm or deny whether someone in the West Wing is in possession of a recording of the dinner between Mr Trump and Mr Comey.

Trump “is emulating some of the worst aspects of Richard Nixon and for those of us watching from the outside, we have to ask why”, said Naftali.

Hewitt did critique Trump’s suggestion that the White House cease holding briefings. Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Republican Senator John Cornyn, New York Appeals Court Judge Michael Garcia and former Assistant Attorney General Alice Fisher will be interviewed on Saturday for the post, an administration official said.

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