Mobile Launches BOGO Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8

According to reliable sources, Samsung Galaxy C will debut the dual-camera feature in Galaxy series of smartphones, rather than Note 8. Needless to say, it was due to the fiasco that happened to the Galaxy S7. After spending some time with the two here’s our comparison between the two Galaxy flagships.

As by nature everything which is attractive will be fragile, as same like the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy S8 is the most valuable phone to the Samsung.

In terms of design, the Samsung Galaxy S8 might have something up its sleeve.

The Infinity Display, given that it was the most revered feature of the S8, will most likely be appearing on the Note 8.

Furthermore, the Galaxy S8 was the most breakable smartphone put through dropping and tumbling tests conducted by the insurer. It has a value of $750, which covers the cost of the Galaxy S8 in its entirety. The phone will also have resistance to water and dust. However, the South Korean company’s latest move suggests that it should be expected even later this year.

You won’t find that helpful little tidbit anywhere in the Galaxy S8 documentation. This creates an ample space for 5.7-inch display, Ars Technica clarifies.

The Galaxy S8, however, only has 64GB internal storage space.

Well, a comparison between the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7 Plus might just be a good way to show fans which one is superior. It runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 system chip with 2350 MHz 64-bit octa-core processor.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus isn’t flawless.

BGR reported that one major change will be the battery.

Samsung DeX: While we continue to investigate use cases for Samsung DeX, it has proven to be useful during business travel and as a home office computer replacement.

Not much has changed in terms of the camera setup. Also, both smartphones feature the Dual Pixel focus technology which immensely improves the shutter speed.

“We are confident that this value offering will further enhance the mobile experience for our customers and let them best enjoy Flow’s superfast 4G speeds to the fullest”, said Flow Saint Lucia Acting Marketing and Communications Executive, Terry Finisterre. Shots taken have plenty of details to gawk at. It noticeably does not contain a fingerprint scanner because Samsung was hoping that it could embed the sensor in the screen, a feat that it was not able to do in time for the smartphone’s launch. The smartphone is available with a price tag of CNY 3599 to 3999 (Rs 33446).

Although Samsung has provided the latest version of the Corning Glass coating; tests conducted by electronics insurer SquareTrade have shown that the glass is unable to withstand drops or tumbles.

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