The Flash Season Finale Clip: “Finish Line”

The technology changed his appearance. We’ll see if that’s what the writers and producers have in store come September or so. And the person dying in Flash’s arms is not Iris West: it’s H.R. Wells. But that’s fine Barry, you keep doing whatever you want even though it has not worked out for you even one single time. But the paradox hasn’t caught up with him yet, and he has a Plan B. He threatens Cisco (CARLOS VALDES) into transforming the Speed Force Bazooka into an Interdimensional Quantum Splicer (pat pending, only $19.99, Calvin & Hobbes Industries).

The Speed Force’s relationship to Barry was on display at the end of “Finish Line“, when the Speed Force opened and welcomed Barry like a son. And assuming the team adds at least one new member, that adds another character who is possibly unfamiliar with Barry Allen. Inside the suit, Barry raises a blade to Savitar throat, but doesn’t kill him. H.R. tells her that it was because of him that Savitar was able to kidnap Iris to begin with and chooses to sacrifice himself. He asks Harrison Wells, visiting from Earth-2, to stick around. He knows there’s no help for him here, and runs back to his secret lair. Cisco made the bazooka into a skeleton key. Savitar takes off to let Cisco and Frost go, before an alarm goes off in Star Labs. He also stops by Cisco and Killer Frost’s fight to stop her from killing him because he needs Cisco to build something for him. Speaking of Vibe, he and Gypsy have some sort of “vibing” connection because she could hear he was in danger throughout the multiverse, so that’s kind of interesting. So there’s one of the two rescued. They open a breach to the Speed Force, and then we learn why Savitar needed Killer Frost all this time. But this version of Hunter Zolomon has a weakness: cold.

With Savitar defeated, the team can bury and mourn HR. Debuting way back in 1943 as a recurring foe of original Flash Jay Garrick, the Thinker used his smarts and a special “thinking cap” to enhance his criminal mind even further to prove an ongoing thorn in Jay’s side.

The Flash” Season 4 Official Synopsis Revealed by The CW Ahead of Season 3 Finale Episode Featuring Showdown Between Barry, Savitar; Iris Survives?

But, while Barry may be gone, Grant Gustin probably isn’t going anywhere. That scene alone is worth the price of admission. Caitlin is given the chance to take a cure that’s been developed, but rejects it. For a few minutes, it looks like it might work, with Iris even offering to look past his attempt to kill her, but it turns out this was all a ruse allowing Evil Barry to plant the Philosopher’s Stone in STAR Labs. Breaking into A.R.G.US with Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller)! – but then it tries to reconcile this zaniness with “Well, but also DEATH!” Despite Iris and Barry’s sensitivity towards Savitar being a ruse or not, this entire plot point of Barry’s Time Remnant being Iris’ attempted murderer will never, ever work for me. The synopsis seemed to suggest the survival of Iris West for the next season. The conversation is cut short as a lightning storm is happening all across the city. Without a prisoner, it’s unstable and bleeding its energy onto this Earth.

Fans already got a creative indication of this in March’s musical crossover “Duet”, but could that happen again during Wally’s time as The Flash? But wherever we end up when Barry emerges from the Speed Force in October (and c’mon, he will), I think it will be special. He says his goodbyes, takes her hand. I’ve felt since season one that when The Flash fires up its sci-fi rather than superhero engines, it can feel a little like some of the better modern Doctor Who stories, and I feel like there was a hint of this here.

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