Melania appears to reject hand…again

The president and his wife had just landed in Italy Tuesday ahead of Wednesday’s planned visit with Pope Francis.

The state of the Trump’s union has been the subject of scrutiny in recent weeks after the first lady’s verified personal Twitter account liked a tweet about her dramatic change in facial expressions at the inauguration when she smiled, then scowled, after the president glanced in her direction.

This is not a sign of love or tenderness on the part of the US President who wants to show his own strength and not to attract interest as a presidential couple, since he does not see Melania as equal.

Call it “swat-gate” or whatever you’d like, but the Internet is abuzz after first lady Melania Trump has appeared to reject her husband’s hand for the second time in as many days.

Amidst all the hullabaloo and speculation that she’s unhappy, it should be noted that the couple have been seen holding each other’s hands several times during the trip, including in Saudi Arabia.

Last week, while walking down the red carpet at Israel’s Ben Gurion airport with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, the President had tried to hold the First Lady’s hand, only to be swatted away in full view of cameras.

The video of the rebuff in Israel, posted to Twitter by user @raggapegs, has garnered more than 11,000 retweets and 17,000 favorites since it was posted around 6:15 a.m. Monday.

The White House and representatives for Melania Trump haven’t commented on the matter.

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