How Google is going to make sending money way easier

Android Go is set to make its appearance in 2018 and will target Android devices with memories up to and including 1 GB.

Google won’t be giving Play Protect to all devices at once; however, people with Android phones and tablets should expect to see it appear at some point in the coming weeks.

Finally, Google says it is working with a company called Clover to integrate Google’s smart tap payment features in Clover’s developer APIs. Assistant is also picking up support for new languages – French, German, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese will be added by the summer; with Italian, Spanish, and Korean available by the end of the year. Google knows this, and wants to offer even more ways to make those payments easier on phones. Google Play Protect is a “comprehensive security services” package for Android devices that’ll monitor behavior and protect your data. GE, LG, and Whirlpool smart appliances can now be connected to the Google Home speaker you’ll be buying soon enough.

Did you enroll in the Android O Beta Program that launched yesterday?

As of late 2016, 95 percent of the world’s 7 billion-plus population now has access to cellular coverage and “there are nearly as many mobile-cellular subscriptions as people on earth”, according to the International Telecommunication Union’s “Measuring the Information Society” report. “We’ve been using voice as an input across many of our products”. Ask anyone, however, and they’ll tell you that the most exciting new features Google showed off on stage on Wednesday pertained to Google Assistant. For example, Google demoed the act of being able to send money to users through Google Assistant.

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