U.S. election hackers could be from anywhere: Putin

Challenged by Kelly to explain what US intelligence referred to as a disinformation campaign meant to undermine faith in the elections, Putin pointed to leaked emails that showed the Democratic National Committee’s favoritism for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, which led to the resignation of the committee’s chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

“There are no real plans to change the energy balance at all”, said Chuprov, who lives in Moscow.

He compared repeated US assertions that Moscow deliberately tried to undermine Clinton to “anti-Semitism” and said it was like “blaming the Jews”.

Putin pointed to the third successive quarter of growth in the economy and said that the level of foreign investment had climbed to a three-year high despite ties with the West hitting their lowest ebb since the Cold War ended.

Kislyak’s meetings with members of Trump’s team have been a focus of the congressional investigation.

President Vladimir Putin has ridiculed the US focus on the Russian ambassador’s contacts with members of President Donald Trump’s team, saying that the envoy was only doing his job. The prime minister said he was glad that Putin had on Thursday publicly stated that the resolution would be discussed.

Putin added that there is a specific fear of the possibility of those areas to turn into models to divide the country in the future. “There were no agreements. We didn’t even start negotiations”. Terrorists don’t own telecommunications system and social media networks, but some countries help them with that, he said. We ought to understand what is happening and where it will lead us.

Other world leaders have reacted with anger and defiance after President Trump announced that the United States, the world’s second biggest carbon emitter, was quitting the 2015 Paris climate agreement.

Putin also said that Trump’s promise to negotiate new conditions for the US leaves hope for reaching a compromise before the Paris deal is set to take effect in 2021.

He underlined the importance of the Paris climate accord, but noted that it’s a framework agreement offering a broad room for maneuver for each signatory nation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that the situation in Syria has been aggravated due to the external interference.

Vladimir Isachenkov reported from Moscow.

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