BC Green Party leader ‘hypocritical in the extreme’ Alberta environment minister charges

The new report comes at a hard time for Kinder Morgan, which is in the midst of a disappointing IPO for the Trans Mountain project.

China has also said it wants a pipeline to the B.C. coast as part of any free trade deal it signs with Canada.

It will pit a new NDP minority government led by John Horgan against another NDP government in neighbouring Alberta.

She said the pipeline is in the best interests of Albertans and all Canadians – but especially to British Columbians. The next day she went further in an interview with CBC.

The Premier was adamant that the ambitious climate plan her government has initiated for Alberta – which includes caps on oil-sands emissions, phasing out coal-fired generating plants, and a carbon tax – is the right one for her province.

What could Horgan and Weaver do to stop the pipeline? “I’m more than ready and willing to take that job”.

“I think Andrew Weaver doesn’t get it”, Shannon Phillips told reporters at the Alberta legislature Thursday.

“The Prime Minister personally approved this pipeline”, Scheer said in the House of Commons.

And Rafe Mair, former MLA, radio show host and Tyee columnist expressed fears that such tough talk could cause serious upheaval in B.C., which has a long and rich history of environmentalism.

“There’s not ever going to be absolute consensus along the way”, she said. The pipeline has already caused strife for the ruling party among supporters and even within the caucus with several BC Liberal MPs opposing it. His Liberal government is nowhere near as good at financial calculus in government than previous Liberal governments, but they can count seats and B.C. has more.

Some speculated the pipeline issue played a role in the win, as a huge portion of votes lost by the Conservatives in 2015 were ridings that touch salt water.

That approval likely cost her in the May 9 election, in which the Liberals fell one seat short of a majority and the Greens, with just three seats, were left holding the balance of power.

Trudeau said earlier Tuesday the federal approval was based on fact and evidence and, “regardless of a change in government in British Columbia, or anywhere, the facts and evidence do not change”.

She said both Kenney and Jean are getting more extreme in their views, and some long-time members may be feeling underwhelmed, frustrated and disgusted by their tactics.

She said the province and the rest of Canada differ in their understanding of how the environment relates to the economy. “They need stronger economic growth and the reality is that in Interior BC, they need the jobs that this pipeline will provide”.

“Canada has no energy strategy beyond liquidating its remaining resources as fast as possible”, Hughes said.

Sims said the comments from Carr and Notley are “hype” and that people shouldn’t be dismayed by them.

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